There is an old saying that the two great certainties in life are death and taxes. However, what this expression overlooks is that the two frequently coincide and unless you have a Will in place your estate could be facing a heavier than expected tax burden. Mitigating tax is just one of the many excellent reasons of why you should make a Will.

Apart from tax matters the importance of making a Will cannot be overstated. It means that you get to decided who you leave all your hard earned money to. It allows you to make provision for your dependents. It enables you to make provision for dependents who may need long term special care without any threat to the benefits they are already receiving and also to donate to your favourite charities. Simply put, if you don’t make a Will you can’t do this! In fact what will happen is that your estate will be divided according to a complex set of statutory rules that often means the very people you would have liked to have benefited by your estate will be disinherited. Equally if you have no living relative who is close enough to you to benefit then your entire estate will be transferred directly to the treasury making the taxman the principal benefactor of your estate.

You have made choices about finance all your life and those choices don’t have to stop on your passing. Make a choice today and call one of our expert team to discuss making a Will. It will be about an hour out of your life to instruct us to prepare a Will for you and make a lifetime of difference.

Will Process

  • Make an appointment to see one of our advisers

  • Make a list of who you would like to benefit from your estate
    and the amounts that you would like to leave

  • Make a note of anyone who you would not like to leave money
    too such as a partner you are separated from

  • Come and see one of our advisers

After Signing Services

After your Will has been drafted and signed we can:

  • Store your will securely

  • Scan it and store an electronic copy

  • For a small fee register it with Certainty National Will Register for extra peace of mind

  • Amend your Will as and when you require through the use of codicils

At your appointment one of our experts will talk you through your Will and advise on the best course of action to you as well as advise on potential inheritance tax and nursing home fee issues. Your Will is then prepared and sent to you with a full commentary of what the effect of each provision is. Only when you are completely satisfied will your Will then be executed and form a legal document.