If you have been mis-sold a financial product, or if you have entered into an unfair agreement from a Bank, Building Society or other regulated financial services organisation our team of specialised solicitors can offer you high quality legal support that doesn’t cost the earth.


Mis-selling means that you were given advice that wasn’t right for you, the risks were not explained to you or you were not given the information you needed and ended up with a product that is unsuitable.


It isn’t simply about whether you’ve lost money. According to the Financial Conduct Authority, financial services must be sold to you in a way that is “fair, clear and not misleading.” That means that the responsibility is on your financial adviser or the regulated product provider to make sure that you understand your options and that the advice you receive is appropriate for your goals, situation and attitude towards risk.



Mis-Sold Mortgages

Mortgages sold without checking the ability of the customer to repay. It’s the job of the mortgage seller to check the buyer’s financial capability before approving the loan.



PPI Claims (Plevin)

When your bank or credit card provider sold PPI they did not disclose the commission they received.  Their failure to disclose commission may have created an unfair relationship.



Mis-Calculated Mortgages

Over the last few years, certain banks and mortgage providers have been over-charging their customers and – if you think this has happened to you – it may be worth making a mortgage miscalculation claim.



Underpaid PPI Claims

We will determine whether the PPI payment you received is the correct and if the amount of money you received was not correct then we will claim back

what was rightfully yours to begin with. 

Contract Breach.PNG


Breach of Contract

If your mortgage provide has breached their contract with you by charging you more interest than they agreed with you, you may be entitled to compensation.



Rejected PPI Claims

If you missed the boat on making a claim for your PPI or where rejected we can still make a claim for undisclosed commissions