When a person dies without leaving an actual or a valid Will it is said that they have died intestate. This means that there is no way of ascertaining what the true wishes of the deceased person were or how they would like their estate to be divided up.

These are because of the complication of no actual Will, the most complex estates to deal with. This is an area where our experts can help.

We will advise you on:

  • The necessary steps in obtaining the Grant of Administration which is necessary when a person dies without leaving a Will opposed to a Grant of Probate which is where someone has left a valid will.

  • Tracing missing beneficiaries.

  • Carrying out a Will search.

  • Advising on the different types of insurances that need to be taken out and placing the relevant statutory notices.

  • We can then assist in the overall administration of the estate realising assets, settling liabilities, preparing a final estate account and distributing the estate according to entitlement.

Will Process

  • Make an appointment to see one of our advisers

  • Make a list of who you would like to benefit from your estate
    and the amounts that you would like to leave

  • Make a note of anyone who you would not like to leave money
    too such as a partner you are separated from

  • Come and see one of our advisers

After Signing Services

After your Will has been drafted and signed we can:

  • Store your will securely

  • Scan it and store an electronic copy

  • For a small fee register it with Certainty National Will Register for extra peace of mind

  • Amend your Will as and when you require through the use of codicils