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Get help with recovering a debt owed to you or your business......

The debt recovery solicitors at BeeLegal are fast, efficient and specialise in complex/high value business debt collection proceedings. Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business and has become even more important since COVID-19 hit the UK. With concerns as to how long the pandemic will last and with much uncertainty ahead, maximising commercial debt collection will be many peoples priority to secure their interests at this particularly difficult time.

Individuals can often be owed money by friends, family and even businesses. This can come from a personal loan to a friend, a loan to a new business, money owed from the sale of goods, unpaid wages, or even a failure to provide a refund.

Whatever the size or age of the debt, BeeLegal's debt recovery solicitors can save you time by advising you at the earliest stage about the best way to go about recovering your money, whether that be to send a firm letter, to sue in the County Court, to serve a statutory demand or to commence insolvency proceedings.

Debt Recovery Services:

  • Letter Before Action
  • Court Proceedings
  • Enforcement of the Judgment
  • Order to obtain information from a judgment debtor
  • Obtain a warrant of execution-county court bailiff
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Charging order
  • Third Party Debt Order
  • Statutory Demand
Working with our professional law firm will make it easier for you to understand fully what position you are in. We advise you on a variety of options to better your position recovering any debts owed. Our solicitors will send legal letters informing the debtor that you are seeking your debt to be repaid, this means that the person will be warned and notified before any enforcement action is put into place. If the debt is not recovered it can be taken to the county court where a CCJ can be issued against the person or business owing you money. 
We deal with every debt recovery situation with resolution in mind. To us, that means getting you the best possible terms as cost-effectively as possible, and with finality. And if we need to involve the courts then our expert lawyers have all the knowledge and experience you’ll need.