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Our approach is transparent and we pride ourselves on excellent service

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We offer specialists in the chosen fields within which work. When you contact our firm and speak to an individual about your problem, they have undergone extensive training about the particular area within which they work, so that they are better able to advise a customer of the best way to proceed with a claim and also offer swift clear and concise advice. At the heart, all advice that we offer is done so in plain English. We do not want to confuse any customer by quoting long paragraphs of law, legal speak or latin. We do not want to waste your time by sending you letters which unless you have a degree in law, don’t make sense. Our aim is to send out letters of advice to our customers that are clear, concise, in plain English and which make sense, so that after reading the letter/email, you know exactly where your claim is up to and what advice we are offering. The process which we use is easy to follow and has a three step process:

Step 1:

We will speak to you before taking on your claim, obtain from you all initial information which will enable ourselves to advise you as to the course of action which should be taken.

Step 2:

We will send to you the paperwork to enable you to provide instructions. This will be sent either, via an agent, electronically or via the post.

Step 3:

When we receive your signed documentation back, we will advise you of receipt and commence work on your behalf.

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Our approach is transparent and we pride ourselves on excellent service

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