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Co2 Emissions

No Win No Fee mis-selling Claims

If you have been mis-sold a vehicle, we can act for you on a no win no fee basis, which essentially means that there is no financial risk to you.

It has been widely reported that a number of Car Manufacturers have been inserting a gadget into cars that they have manufactured, which affects the way they operate during testing. This has resulted in some vehicles showing really low Co2 Emissions or really high Miles Per Gallon claims when in fact the Co2 Emissions are not as low as claimed and the Miles Per Gallon are not as high as claimed.

This affects everyone that has purchased one of these vehicles based on the promised Co2 Emissions and Consumption.

For those of you who have bought a car because of the emissions as a work vehicle, the tax implications will mean that you will be paying more income tax for your vehicle than you should be.

How can we help. We are looking to take a class action against the manufacturers. Our claim is that there are alternative products on the market, that you will have chosen because of the emissions and effect on your tax. As such, you want to return the car to them and wish to be reimbursed the full cost of the vehicle as it was not what you wanted to purchase.

If the emissions were not important to you, then you probably still have a claim in that the car may not have been worth what you paid for it. We will have the vehicle examined by an engineer and a report produced to confirm the diminution of value of the vehicle. We would then be able to recover the difference in the cost of what you paid for the vehicle and what you think you should have paid.

To find out if your car is likely to be affected please use that attached contact request.

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Our approach is transparent and we pride ourselves on excellent service

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