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Aeroplane Delays

If your flight has been delayed, we can act for you on a no win no fee basis, which essentially means that there is no financial risk to you.

If you are a regular traveller or a once a year holiday maker, in this day and age, you hear all the time about flights being delayed or cancelled last minute without good cause and of people sitting around in airports for hour after hour with nothing to do and no recompense.

The European Union has now issued guidelines which the Airlines which operate in the European Union must adhere to and if they fail, then they are liable to pay you compensation. Therefore, if your flight has been:

1.      Delayed for three hours or more;

2.      Re-routed last minute; or

3.      Cancelled last minute,

then you are entitled to compensation. There are set amounts which can be claimed. The flight must depart or arrive in the EU to be able to claim.

There are a number of reasons for which the airlines can avoid liability namely:

1.      Weather;

2.      Latent Manufacturing Defect

3.      Illness of a passenger or crew member

4.      Something out of the ordinary like terrorism, ash clouds etc.

If you have been delayed, it is worth contacting our Air Travel Delay Department on 0161 814 8313 for advice and guidance.

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Our approach is transparent and we pride ourselves on excellent service

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